Marijuana Stocks To Get Excited About This Week

The marijuana stock market has left nothing to be desired for investors who have been watching the industry for some time now. The market has…

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The marijuana stock market has left nothing to be desired for investors who have been watching the industry for some time now. The market has changed quite drastically over the course of the past few years which is one of the main reasons so many people have flocked to it. One of the largest shifts has been that of the general aura surrounding the industry. Many people have become overwhelmingly comfortable with the idea of legal cannabis, which has, in turn, made the investor space one of the friendliest that we have ever seen.

The Green Organic Dutchman (TGODF) (TGOD) is one of the leading Canadian producers of marijuana. The company has been working to increase their reach across not only the Canadian landscape, but the international market on the substance as well. One of the interesting aspects of the company has been their movement into the legal hemp market. With the legalization of the Farm Bill in the U.S., the production of hemp has become quite a hot topic amongst marijuana growers. The Green Organic Dutchman has been working to completely reinvent what it means to be a cannabis company in the modern day.

Recently, The Green Organic Dutchman has been working on the production of CBD-infused beverages for sale on the market. Brian Athaide, CEO of the company stated that “the focus is on creating a route to market for global beverage companies to be able to do formulation innovation work, as well as have a pilot bottling line and R&D capabilities.”

Regarding their partnership with the company Califormulations, he stated that “What we’ll be doing with Califormulations is creating proprietary beverage formulations, concentrated at their facility in Georgia, similar to the Coke concentrate model, where the concentrate is made at one place … and then shipped around the world to different bottlers. This is very similar, so we’ll be creating the concentrate there, and then shipping it to different contract bottlers in different U.S. states, as well as in Canada.”

The Green Organic Dutchman is a company that has been working day and night to put out new and innovative products into the market. These products should hopefully be met with a great deal of satisfaction from customers as they stand to change the way that we see cannabis in the modern day.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) is widely considered to be one of the largest marijuana growers in the whole of the industry. The company has been working with a large net revenue upwards of CA$65 million. Although they did deliver more than Wall Street expected in terms of loss per share, the company has a lot of potential that is leaving some interest in the business.

Recently, they acquired the medicinal marijuana business, Whistler Medical Marijuana which has consistently produced some of the highest quality cannabis in the business. All in all, investors should continue to keep a close eye on Aurora Cannabis for the coming months.


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